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Martin Høgh, VP of Connected Cars, Denmark

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"Hosted photoshoots and customer shoots created with great professionalism. Natalia always manages to get the best out of people, even the most nervous people who participate in shoots with impressive results of videos and photos, etc."


Editorial in cooperation with BMW Slovakia published in the Canadian magazine Vigour .

Chichi but Lonely, the title of the editorial. A story about how the allure of materialism meets the pain of loneliness.

Photographer: Celin May
Models: Elena Bolanz, Rayssa Pop
MUA: Gabriela Rybka
Assistant: Re-Crea Studio

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A car in a car service and garage in the air on a tool
A man in a car service assembling tools together
A gif of a moving car device from the front and back
A gif of a moving car device from the front and back
A tattooed man smiling in a car garage and car service working on a computer

from testimonials to corporate photo shoots

Transparent GIF Connected Car Logo blue
Carlo Pasquali Connected Cars
A man standing and smiling in a black shirt and corporate glasses
Jakob Fokdal Filippson
Connected Cars Device
Connected Cars Device
A picture of a big storage place with boxes and woman passing by
A man in a car service garage fixing a car handing in the air


client (2022)

Student film for Copenhagen Film & Theater School.


Organization and production in a short time. Creating and writing the script, directing and post-processing.

the client's inner world translated into reality

A short film about a current topic at that time had to be caught from the responsible end. The story follows a Ukrainian girl living in Denmark who struggles with relationship problems and later learns of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With the pitfalls of covid and a short time to complete filming and editing, the film was successfully completed with excellent feedback.

a short introduction and your ideas

Do we fit together? Excellent! Are we not suitable for each other? It is okay. 15 minute call, quick call to understand common energies :)

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