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paulina rochova natalia ancinova ancinka v prahe narodne divadlo


Natália Ancinová Ancinka

Natalia "Ancinka" Ancinová

My life has a deep meaning in that it teaches me to perceive the inner world of people and transfer it to the outer world through fashion in outfits, through acting in the characters I portray, design and aesthetics.


The experience of living abroad for years opened my eyes to different cultures and their values, whether in the USA or in Denmark, where I studied design, marketing and acting. People often hide what they have inside of them, and I try to bring to light their hidden emotions and depth through my work.


My work also focuses on helping people who feel isolated or have trouble opening up. I experienced bullying as a child, and since then I don't want to make anyone feel inferior. My mission is to bring peace and encouragement so that everyone can find their own voice and confidence through their own expression.

Whether it's fashion, acting or design, I want my work to speak about the inner struggles and beauty that each of us carries in our hearts.


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Guesting on a Slovak talkshow Late night speaking about styling and acting.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at

...the process for the Stylist of the Year


Stylist of the year Slovakia 2018 outfits

skirt & shoes


body suit & jacket

5 fashion pieces to be styled

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girl Natália Ancinová in front of a yellow excavator, holding on to the fence in a stylish outfit
girl Natália Ancinová squatting in front of a colorful bus with a yellow shirt and skirt
the girl Natalia Ancinová with a handbag on her head in an industrial environment
Natália Ancinová, a girl standing in a red overall and a pearl handbag in front of a colorful bus
girl Natália Ancinová standing in front of an old car wreck with a cool outfit
fashion stylist, fashion stylist, Answear, Stylist of the year 2018 Slovakia, Natália Ancinová
Page of Emma magazine with text and pictures of Natalia Ancinova in Emma magazine

"the battle of stylists presented a new face of Slovak styling"

"Natália surprised me the most. The first place rightfully belongs to her, as the entire jury agreed on her photos. In her stylings, I saw everything I needed - playfulness, creativity and a depiction of both artistic and everyday life."

Mária Čírová, singer

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