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Professional, on time, organised and human.
And of course, quality styling. 

A luxurious woman by a fancy pool babushka style with green and orange swimmingsuit, and glasses in Elle magazine
A girl laying on the floating matrass with luxurious earings in a pool Elle
A model a girl laying by the pool with luxurious bag and in a fancy environment


The summer luxurius lady editorial for July 2023 issue in Elle Slovenia. Shot in Mallorca. 

 Photographer: Celin May
Model: Paula 
MUA: Anya Ustymenko
Assistant: Leo Hernandez

Styling task: Luxurious woman - Inside and out

A girl smiling laying by a pool in a luxurious environment with blue bikini
A girl in a luxurious pool in orange bikini with fancy necklace
A luxurious woman in a pool with white bikini with yellow air matrass
A luxurious woman on a checked floor standing in black bikini with yellow flower hat
A babushka type of luxurious woman standing by an expensive pool in green bikini with a water ball
Mooadboard girl with pink swimwear holding a green ball next to her green bikini
A fashion moodboard of stylist with bikini glasses and magazine
A fashion moodboard of a stylist with orange swimwear, gold necklace, see through top and picture of a girl coming out of water
A moodboard of a stylist with blue bikini, brown towel and sunglasses

Outfit moodboard

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