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The feeling of being invisible to the other gender.

Confusion about what to wear.

Misunderstanding your style.

Lack of time to spend on clothes and shopping.

Lost self-confidence.

it doesn't have to be like that anymore, right now is the time for change

I welcome you to this pink carpet, where you will experience a feeling like never before. Empathically , with understanding and emotional support, we will create the best fashion preferences together so that you can finally become the protagonist/hero of your life. It's an experience.

what it means to "be the protagonist" of your life

To believe in yourself and be confident. This also comes with:

- respect from people

- success at work

- better relationships

...but especially. Self-satisfaction.

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products & services




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My Fashion Book (MFB) is not just a magazine, but a personal style manifesto, a living expression of your unique fashion journey. On its pages, we explore and celebrate your fashion preferences and curate a collection of looks, trends and styles that inspire and define personal aesthetics. In online form (included in the price) or in physical form (for an additional fee).


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You can choose from 11 topics that will be in your future My Fashion Book (MFB) and that we will focus on during the consultation.


1. Characteristic style: Defining and developing her characteristic appearance. 2. Fashion icons: Inspiration from fashion icons and how to adapt their style. 3. Lifestyle: How her daily activities and lifestyle influence her fashion choices. 4. Footwear guide: Choosing the right footwear for different outfits and occasions. 5. Adapting the trend: Incorporating current trends in a timeless and personal way. 6. Understanding your body type 7. Styling ideas for your body type 8. Color palette 9. Wardrobe basics 10. Analysis of the current wardrobe 11. Outfit Creations from Current Wardrobe 12. Future outfit ideas and style challenges 13. Shopping guide 14. Other stylish tips and tricks

internal connection

1. Personal Style Journey: Reflecting on how her style has evolved over time and what it says about her personal growth. 2. Emotional connection to fashion: Exploring how certain clothes and styles make you feel and why. 3. Fashion and self-expression: How to use fashion as a tool to express your inner self and creativity. 4. Mindful Dressing: Practicing mindfulness in choosing and wearing clothing that resonates with her mood and values. 5. Fashion Rituals: Creating daily or seasonal fashion rituals that celebrate her individuality. 6. Mood and Fashion: Dressing to enhance or express her current mood and emotions. 7. Fashion and Confidence: Building confidence through fashion choices that strengthen it. 8.Vision Board: Creating a vision board that reflects her fashion dreams and aspirations. 9. Intuitive dressing: Learn to trust her intuition when choosing clothes. 10. Fashion Affirmations: Positive affirmations related to her style and body image. 11. Soul Colors: Identifying colors that resonate with her soul and incorporating them into her wardrobe. 12. Personal Stories: Sharing personal stories related to memorable outfits and fashion moments. 13. Fashion and Identity: Exploring the connection between her personal identity and her fashion choices. 15. Cultural Heritage: Incorporating elements from her cultural background into her style. 16. Fashion and lifting the mood: How to use fashion to improve mood and well-being on difficult days. 17. Inner Style Icons: Identifying and drawing inspiration from women in her life or historical figures she admires for their inner beauty and strength. 18. Fashion Gratitude: Practicing gratitude for the clothes she has and the ability to express herself through fashion. 19. Fashion Journal: Keeping a fashion journal to document her style inspirations, feelings and daily outfits. 20. Legacy Pieces: Identifying and caring for pieces in her wardrobe that hold significant personal or family history.

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listening and understanding
This journey may contain questions that you have not thought about before. We try to work with the philosophy of stoicism. In order to find your personal style to work with your life values and priorities.

Practical steps as a basis for color analysis, models that fit the body, choosing pieces, etc.

gaining self-confidence
The final phase, new habits,.... It can also contain basic etiquette tips.


silver styling

  • Personal/online style consultation (without My Fashion Book)

  • Assembling a wardrobe
    (complete review)

  • Shopping guide (1 hour)


golden styling

  • Personal/online style consultation for My Fashion Book

  • Assembling a wardrobe

    (complete review)

  • Shopping escort (2-3 hours)


diamond styling

  • Personal/online style consultation for My Fashion Book

  • Assembling a wardrobe
    (complete revision and addition)

  • Shopping escort (5-7 hours)

  • Home stylist (3 outfits)

Do not hesitate to contact me about the price.

Services can be ordered separately if desired.




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wedding styling

We provide specialized services for wedding occasions. We help future spouses choose the ideal wedding clothes that perfectly reflect their personality. We focus on the details so that they feel confident in every moment of their wedding.

celebrities & influencers

Specialized styling services for celebrities. We use our experience and creativity to select clothing and accessories that will help create a distinctive and stylish look for public events, media or performances. Our goal is to ensure that they feel confident, perform well in any situation and thereby strengthen their image and reputation.



for whom IT IS for

  • Women, men of different races and sizes

  • Individuals seeking a personalized and emotionally connected fashion experience

  • Those who feel frustrated, lost or confused about their style

  • Busy professionals who don't have time

  • Those who are open to change

for whom IT IS NOT for

  • Those who ARE NOT are open to change or
    a different opinion

a short introduction and your ideas

I would like to hear your visions and expectations. For extroverts it will be a conversation full of energy, for introverts it will be calm and fast. Or write me an email.

I'm excited!

PS: I will also ask about your fashion idols :)

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