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a girl with black blazer and black short hair is standing and watching behind her is a sunset



motion design | illustrations | product design | | videoedits | storytelling | production | script writing | photography | videography | infographics


A car in a car service and garage in the air on a tool
A man in a car service assembling tools together
A gif of a moving car device from the front and back
A gif of a moving car device from the front and back
A tattooed man smiling in a car garage and car service working on a computer

the client 

Long-term cooperation for Connected Cars , a Danish company with digital tools for car dealers.


Taking care of the corporate visual part of marketing and sales. From graphics and printed materials to the production of photo shoots and filming to post-production .

the client's inner world translated into reality

Rationally and factually take the strategy in hand and enrich the company with visual and practical materials according to brand guildines. With a strong marketing strategy, the results of potential customers for the whole year came already in the first quota.

Transparent GIF Connected Car Logo blue
Carlo Pasquali Connected Cars
A man standing and smiling in a black shirt and corporate glasses
Jakob Fokdal Filippson
Connected Cars Device
Connected Cars Device
A picture of a big storage place with boxes and woman passing by
A man in a car service garage fixing a car handing in the air
Illustration of a line

3D graphics for the Chichi But Lonely fashion editorial with BMW Slovakia


product design | videoedits | strategy | storytelling


An illustration of a fashionable woman with a suit with a pattern on it with blue hair and a big flower on top of the blazer on the top page of a diary called Your Fashion Planner 2024.

client (2023) for ancinka.stylist.


The main goal was to create a hyperlinked .pdf document that works for the Goodnotes app from the current brand identity and to create marketing graphics and content for social networks.

the client's inner world translated into reality

Organization, playfulness and fashion inspiration for customers was the main theme that was translated into reality. It was a simple but high-quality design that is responsive and clear. We also created successful marketing content for social networks, from the production of videos or documents.


That is the motto of the whole project. The main goal was to create a hyperlinked .pdf that serves as a planner and organizer with a focus on fashion styling.

An illustration of I am the main character
An illustration of a mirror

motion design | videoedits | storytelling


Gif Fusakle Mr. Professor Natália Ancinová ancinka, fashion, Stylist of the year, Fashion

Filming by Adrián Čuj

client (2022)

Fusakle , a Slovak brand with socks, in collaboration with the television series Pán Profesor na Markíze.

Another video was created for the Swedish company Happy Socks .


Trendy and creative placement of the product in content on social networks to create awareness.

the client's inner world translated into reality

The content package included 3 Instagram posts and one video. Since the show is set in a high school, the outfits and overall theme played a major role in the accompanying video. The styling used in the videos was created with ancinka.stylist.


A black lined divider

illustrations | brand creation | motion design | videoedits | web design

A black lined divider
A screenshot of a Typography for a fleet brand


the client (2021)

Vemo Fleet, a vehicle fleet or fleet management solution.


Development of brand identity and visuals from the ground up. The main emphasis was placed on creating a simple but effective design that would be suitable for the automotive industry.

the client's inner world translated into reality

Transparency and understanding of the target group's communication was the most important thing in this project. To achieve this, we created visuals and animations that complemented the environment in which the cars operate.

production | storytelling | video edit | content creation | illustration | photoshop art


client (2023)

Production by Widspire in collaboration with ancinka.stylist.


Post-production of videos from the spring photo shoot.

the client's inner world translated into reality

The subtlety of the penetration of spring 2023 into life. This one contained The Dark, leaving the dark moons & The Light the gentle openness of the coming spring, its vulnerability and feminine side.

A black lined divider


A montage of a painting girl with a pearl earring with a girl's face wearing glasses
A montage of a graphics and green circle behind Ancinka Slavic girl
Illustration of a girl's blazer, montage of real picture of her smiling and graphics
A montage of texted paper on a real picture with a girl holding a scarf on her head

content on social networks for ancinka.stylist (2019-2024)

A Kat Maconie shoe edit gif

5 shoes in 1 - creatively processed .gif

for the brand Kat Maconie (2020)

videoedits | storytelling | illustrations | brand creation | motion design


A poster of an illustration of a smiling woman standing in front of a mirror with a skirt and fashionable outfit
Poster of illustration of an afro black woman with pink hair walking confidently around people fashionably
A poster of an illustration of three girls talking while one girl is oversize but confident
Pull it off branding podcast and girl laughing on a red dotted pattern


Pull It Off podcast


The main goal was to create a brand and its visual identity.

the client's inner world translated into reality

Translation of the vulnerable inside into strength and self-confidence. Reflecting the colors of the target group. We also created marketing materials for the client in the form of videos, posters and content for social networks.

A red and pink moodboard of pink outfit and combination of artwork combining the colors

the colors

A moodboard and inspirational pictures, illustration of a girl blowing gum

the attitude

storytelling | illustrations | brand creation | motion design


Copenhagen København animation motion design tivoli nyhavn gif
Animation Gif Fashionable girl walking Copenhagen

the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen life

to illustrations for

Visit Copenhagen 



Student film for Copenhagen Film & Theater School .


Organization and production in a short time. Creating and writing the script, directing and post-processing.

the client's inner world translated into reality

A short film about a current topic at that time had to be caught from the responsible end. The story follows a Ukrainian girl living in Denmark who struggles with relationship problems and later learns of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With the pitfalls of covid and a short time to complete filming and editing, the film was successfully completed with excellent feedback.

a short introduction and your ideas

I would like to hear your visions and expectations. For extroverts it will be a conversation full of energy, for introverts it will be calm and fast. Or write me an email. I'm excited!

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